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“There’s only one way to express what music gives me. It gives me purpose, it gives me
point. When I sing, I can just be me” -Jonathan Antoine, 29 year old tenor from the UK.


When Jonathan sings, it’s immediately apparent you are hearing one of the best voices in the world.

The quality, feeling and authenticity that he puts into his performances reaches out and draws you into the music.

Depending on the theme of the current serenade, he has
you feeling the thrill of new love, brokenhearted, grieving, hopeful, energized and more.

From Puccini to Diane Warren, Jonathan sings a diverse repertoire, bringing many musical tastes

together and audiences appreciate all.

Most initially learned of Jonathan Antoine from the 2012 Britain’s Got Talent series where he
sang in a duo called- Jonathan and Charlotte. The emotional and inspiring audition,
consecutive semi-final and final performances had the UK viewers going wild. With the
media frenzy that followed the audition airing, it was the beginning of a whirlwind of
television appearances and a documentary, performances all over Europe as well as
creating the first album, Together, all at the age of 17. A second album, Perhaps Love
followed, containing solos from each artist, hinting that separate careers were approaching.
The duo did part, each with their own contract to pursue individual aspirations and
Jonathan’s debut solo album, Tenore, was released in October 2014.


The cadenza is just, just wizardry!” – Jonathan Antoine on La Donna e Mobile


The much anticipated album showcased Jonathan’s growth and hard work training his voice.
It contains classics such as La Donna e Mobile, Panis Angelicus, and a must-sing tribute to
Mario Lanza with Be My Love to name but a few. Just before release date, Jonathan was
invited to perform in the iTunes festival at the Roundhouse in London, as Placido Domingo’s
guest at the closing show of the month-long festival. At the ripe age of 19, he had his first
number one charting classical album.


2014 also found Jonathan performing for the first time in the USA. David Foster whisked him away to perform at the 20th anniversary Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night- an incredible experience for such a worthy cause. At another performance in Florida, a highlight was singing the Beatles' Hey Jude with Sting, Ne-Yo, Adam Levine and Tessanne Chin.


After a second successful UK tour, multiple performances in shows such as the Classical Spectacular at Royal Albert Hall and a very brief, much needed break; Jonathan started work on Believe, his fourth album and sophomore solo album released in August 2016. Immediately, his progression was apparent upon listening to his stunning interpretations of Puccini’s E Lucevan le Stelle and Che Gelida Manina. His vocal coach, the much revered Joy Mammen, said “I don't think there is Tenor past or present with a better Top C! He performs with charm, sincerity and a natural communication; a beautiful quality that will only improve”




The Independent Era

 Believe, Jonathan Antoine’s second number one charting album, is as diverse as his fans
with a mix of classic arias, musical theatre songs and contemporary classics. Arriving in
2016 as his first independent release, this was one of the early examples of Jonathan
experimenting with bringing modern classics into his repertoire. Jonathan spent the following
4 years turning the songs he had recorded on his steadily amassing back-catalogue into an
iconic repertoire.


 In 2019 Jonathan returned to the studio after establishing a relationship with esteemed
businesswoman and philanthropist Helga Schmidt. With her assistance a full-length live
concert recording and album were produced and released just a few months into 2020. The
concert special has had a long and fruitful life on American television as part of a deal with
PBS, notably featuring Jonathan’s life story as a narrated audiovisual experience, and
Jonathan’s first ever recording of the world famous aria Nessun Dorma. This was also
Jonathan’s first experience recording at Abbey Road studios, perhaps the most well known
recording studio on the planet, where each subsequent album has also had multiple
elements recorded.

 This was followed immediately by a Christmas album in 2020, the most iconic and beautiful
Christmas songs recorded in Jonathan’s unbelievable voice. The success of this album lead
to a remastered and extended version in 2021, ChristmasLand and ChristmasLand Platinum
Edition respectively.

 In 2022 Jonathan headed an overwhelmingly successful crowdfunding campaign through
ArtistShare to create an EP with internationally acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren, the
funding being successful to the degree that a full album was produced by the title ‘By
Request: The Diane Warren Songbook‘
. A fully inclusive experience, participants were
offered the chance to take a unique and direct view into the process of creating a project that
spans continents and generations


Jonathan Antoine- The Younger Years

  Here is a bit of background on the young tenor everyone is so impressed with.

Jonathan Frederick Antoine was born January 13, 1995 in Goodmayes, Essex. He is one of a family of four with John, his father, who is a police inspector, his mum Tracy and older sister
Charlotte. Always having been a creative and loving child, Jonathan was called an "all-rounder" due to his versatility in excelling in various subjects and media.


 He enjoys painting and drawing and actually had initial aspirations of becoming a writer. To
this day he has an ever expanding list of novels he is working on. At age 11, however, he
started singing lessons and it was recognized that Jonathan had a natural gift with potential
to develop into something amazing.


Jonathan Antoine

  His first vocal teacher, Jenny Ewington, worked with him and some of the first songs he sang were Where is Love from Oliver, Santa Lucia and Panis Angelicus. He was known around school as "The boy with the incredible voice."

At age 13 Jonathan's voice broke and he went from singing soprano to a rich and beautiful tenor. His newly emerged tenor voice was displayed to all when he sang Bring Him Home at the Stratford and East London Music Festival's "Young Musician of The Year" the title of
which he won in 2010.


He was offered places at four junior departments of the London Conservatoires following audition, and accepted a place at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, with Sara Reynolds as a voice teacher.



 Also in 2010, Jonathan joined W11 Opera and was cast in their production "Rain Dance" which was performed at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith and quite an accomplishment for one in their first year. His love of drama was allowed to shine in one of the leading roles as the villain Tau. In 2011, he sang a solo performance of the Bach/Gounod version of Ave Maria at the Royal Festival Hall in London as part of the Rotary "Youth Makes Music" event.



Jonathan Today

 He's quirky, he's fun and he has a phenomenal voice. Live performances are where he truly shines and those able to have seen him have said it’s an experience not forgotten.
Jonathan’s development and maturing is ongoing and shows at every performance he gives.

 He lives just outside of London, UK and has his own studio on the property where he writes music and works on learning and fine tuning various pieces for performances and future recordings. He has also been having fun doing voice acting projects for video games. A lover of all music genres, and heavy metal in particular, Jonathan also has a love of playing guitars with an extensive and ever-growing collection of instruments now bolstering his already remarkable musical ability.



Jonathan Antoine

 Jonathan’s inclusive and down to earth nature have been a huge attractant in introducing
people to the classical genre that normally would not have been interested. He is an
everyman in many senses, able to personify both the prototypical and the atypical. The
popularity of his videos on YouTube has been staggering with collective views in the 100’s of
millions and he doesn’t take any fan for granted.


 Some of the causes Jonathan supports include fighting homelessness, anything to do with
animal welfare and was very proudly a patron of the Katy Holmes Trust, which helped raise
funds and awareness for paediatric brain tumour research.


 Other issues that are verypersonal to Jonathan are mental health and anti-bullying, and to those ends he has releaseda children’s book with author Cathie Gebhart named Jonathan The Porcupine, with a second in the works. He has been incredibly open speaking in multiple interviews about the
importance of self-worth and a general loving attitude and outlook on life. Jonathan is not
just a voice that can sing, but one that can speak for those who are voiceless.



  • Jonathan is left handed but plays guitar right handed

  • He has three cats, Pandora (pictured), Polly and Willow

  • Favorite color is orange

  • He loves to build Gundam models

  • Jonathan loves photography

  • "The Antoine" and "Stavvy" are both nicknames



Jonathan Antoine with Pandora

Fun Facts

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