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Apr 20

Exciting update from Jonathan.


I can’t wait to share so much with you all, I will very soon be in the studio with the orchestra ( more details later...) so you all know an album is on it’s way - spring is all about new things so you’ll see plenty from me! Right now along with new music we’re busy preparing for these special concerts at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre and I hope to see you all there in Toronto with my wonderful guests Tina Guo and DCappella xx



Yayyyyyyy a new Alb ,that will become your 3 rd #1 Alb , can’t wait for more news ,I am the impatient person that gets on everyones last nerve lol . So I will wait for “ soon “ and hope it’s very soon . Oh share more photos and clips from your sessions with the orchestra , maybe ?

This post of Jonathan's should bring excitement to people all over the world, whether they are attending concerts in Toronto or not. There's always something to share in Jonathan's career, and he's so kind to share!


Sorry to piggyback on your comment, Nancy, but I can never get the Comment box to open for me! XO

Please come to NY! and thank you for re awakening my dormant love of opera

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