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Exciting Jonathan Antoine Performance Announcements!

Jonathan is to be the special guest at Raymond Gubbays “ Last Night at the Autumn Proms” There will be a performance in Manchester and Southend by Sea.

Next, Raymond Gubbay’s annual Classical Spectacular just so happens to have a very special young tenor performing this year! Jonathan Antoine will be performing six times over four dates of this amazing event at Royal Albert Hall.

Here is some information on tickets and for all of us not familiar with the event, a video from youtube.

In a wonderful article Jonathan retweeted from his twitter account and posted on his Facebook, "We are completely ecstatic to learn that Jonathan will be performing in four “balcony concerts” that are free of charge and will be held in four different locations September 25, 26, 27 and 28. What a treat for the public and a wonderful way to share his amazing talent so spontaneously. Hopefully we will be able to share some photos and/or videos!" Click HERE to read the article

In the article I am sure you noticed that Jonathan will be singing on the last day of the iTunes festival as a guest of none other than the incredible Placido Domingo. This will take place September 30, 2014 so make sure you have iTunes downloaded on your devices because it is a free to stream concert!

The only way to get tickets to the iTunes Festival live at the Roundhouse in London is by winning them.

Enjoy this very exciting news and hopefully some of you will be able to be present at some of these performances.

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