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Jonathan Antoine "Going the Distance"

It’s wonderful to be able to write to you all again after such an exciting year for Jonathan and the whole team, it’s hard to believe it’s almost December! Time has flown by this year but it’s been an incredibly fulfilling one!

As the year comes to a close, we have so much to be thankful for. It feels as if the planning for Jonathan Antoine’s Toronto concerts was beginning merely a few weeks ago…but so much has been achieved and we are so grateful to all concerned.

It’s no accident that this newsletter comes around Thanksgiving in the USA and the holiday season for many elsewhere in the world. Jonathan’s Fantoines around the world are so close to his heart and we would like to extend our love and gratitude to all of you who are and have been the most wonderful community of supporting fans to Jonathan, as well as to each other. Many of you have been with Jonathan from the beginning but whether you’ve been with him for 7 years or 7 days, your support is so greatly appreciated.

There is a particularly meaningful comment from Jonathan in the upcoming show to give you all some love!

The New Album is Complete!

We will update you more on the release date very soon and talk about the album in greater detail at that time. It was made with a lot of love, dedication and with the most amazing team of talented world-class professionals (a bit of an understatement but more on that later...)

TV Special - “Going the Distance”

As many of you know, Jonathan’s Toronto concert was specially filmed for TV broadcast, the whole show was designed around what we hoped you would enjoy watching. Whilst we are not able to give exact dates for the TV special, you can rest assured we will do so as soon as we have the information available. The team has just returned from a trip to the US where some of the final interviews were filmed for the Public Television premiere.

Jonathan and his team attended the American Public Television convention which was such an incredibly exciting and fulfilling experience where Jonathan met so many wonderful, welcoming people. One such person Jonathan was delighted to meet was author James Patterson!

Below is a video that was released soon after the concert- “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (from The Lion King)

We know you’ll enjoy these behind the scenes photos from this recent trip followed by an exquisitely enthusiastic message to everyone from Jonathan himself!

James Patterson and Jonathan Antoine

James Patterson and Jonathan Antoine

Hello Fantoines!

It’s been a little while, and Team Antoine has been very busy on all sides of the pond. Here’s a little bit of insight into my (Jonathan’s) most recent antics.

My first outing was to Arizona, Scottsdale specifically, for an American Public Television conference! I had a couple of days to settle in and on our third day (a Tuesday) I headed out into the city to film the interstitial pledge breaks for the televised version of the “Going The Distance” special with two wonderful women - Judyann Price and Alice Ferris. As you can see in this Instagram post we were all having a laugh riot!

During the evening a conference was held at a beautiful local hotel, where a myriad of station representatives and programmers meet to explore potential new programs for their station. I/we had a booth out in the courtyard with a screen playing the visual element of the concert, and people were approaching us all night, introducing themselves and receiving a little token to remember us by (a sample CD with a selection of the tracks from the NEW ALBUM! So if any of the songs leak we know who it could have been!!)

The next afternoon I performed “Empty Chairs” and had a wonderful reaction after a fairly mellow morning of presentations. I had the honour of being accompanied by the wonderfully prolific Randy Waldman, whose skill was perfectly matched by his consummate professionalism.

My final big adventure in Phoenix was performing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” with a band comprised of current and former APT higher-ups called the Desert Dogs, which went down a treat too! I hadn’t quite committed it all to memory, so I had a spare copy of the lyrics on a sheet in my pocket!

And that was goodbye to Phoenix!

My next port of call was Toronto, Canada, to visit the illustrious (and a most important member of Team A)-Helga Schmidt. In celebration of her good health a smallish group of her friends gathered and I sang them all a couple (or a few more) of tunes - including something impromptu that I had never done before, but I think I’ll keep that one up my sleeve for all of you to be surprised by!

What an adventure the last week and a bit has been, here’s to many more adventures!

Thanks for reading!


A Concert Tour Will Happen

We know many are asking and we can confirm the planning is in motion as we speak for a tour in 2020! Stay tuned for many more details regarding tour/performances. We know you appreciate advanced notice so there will be plenty!

2020 Calendar Presale

We have 2020 calendars available in limited quantities. In anticipation of what’s to come, we have some phenomenal Toronto concert photos from the lens of the great Bjarne Hemmingsen. You can presale in order to reserve yours now!

If you would like anything else from the online store, we will offer flat $5 (In US) and £2 (UK) shipping on purchases of $30 (£24). Please check the store for the presale listing and if you choose other items for purchase, they will all ship at the same time with the calendars (approximately Dec 10).

For those outside of USA and UK, please email Leigh at for an international invoice.

A reminder to please check your spam folder if you have emailed via the website and to add the email addresses & to your list of contacts which helps ensure the emails and newsletters make it to your inboxes.

At this special time of year, we wish you love and peace and happiness. We would like to thank you all once again for the most incredible support. Jonathan can’t wait to share more with you as soon as possible regarding all of the above. Our love to each and every one of you!

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