Jonathan Antoine in Concert: Going the Distance Now Showing on Select US Public Television Stations

We are so excited to be able to announce that Jonathan Antoine in Concert: Going the Distance is now being shown on select Public Television stations in the United States! This project is so incredibly special, with many talented individuals involved and it is thrilling to at long last share it with all of you.

Going the Distance came about from the concept of Jonathan’s thoughts and ideas on music and gives us insight as to how music has impacted and influenced Jonathan’s life. He performs pieces that take us on Jonathan’s journey from a young boy to the present day. Jonathan is joined onstage by orchestra, choir, Disney’s a cappella group, ”D’Cappella”, and acclaimed cellist Tina Guo for a show with a very varied repertoire crossing many genres.

Jonathan’s repertoire ranges from Disney Classics to his first live performance of the long awaited debut of Puccini’s ‘Nessun Dorma’

For those able to view Jonathan Antoine in Concert: Going the Distance on your Public Television stations, you will see some extra footage of Jonathan talking about his journey, life and inspiration. He even popped into the studio to chat during the pledge breaks. Throughout the pledge drive, you will be able to receive one, or all donor gifts consisting of the Jonathan Antoine in Concert: Going the Distance DVD, new studio album Going the Distance and Children’s book Jonathan the Porcupine at various subscription levels.

You will also, at select locations, have an opportunity to pledge and receive concert tickets in the areas Jonathan will be performing on his next concert tour! These concert tickets will later be released for general sale but to guarantee your seat and do something wonderful for the world of Public Television, feel free to pledge today.

If you cannot find Jonathan Antoine in Concert: Going the Distance listed in your area, please feel free to give your local Public Television station a call to request it.They may add it in the future!

There is now a page on the website (click here) with scheduled showing times and locations, however we implore that you please check your local listings to see if the time has changed or a showing has even been added.



Now, to reveal Jonathan’s new album, Going the Distance cover and track list. There is something for everyone to love and perhaps you will be surprised at what your favorite may become. These pieces have meaning to Jonathan, and you will be convinced with the feeling conveyed through every note. The exquisite care makes it apparent that everyone involved in this creation put their all into it.



1. Go The Distance

2. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

3. Baby Mine

4. Compass (I Will Lead You Home)

5. Moon River

6. Summertime

7. Unchained Melody

8. Country Roads

9. Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Jonathan Antoine featuring Tina Guo

10. Caruso - Jonathan Antoine featuring Clio Gould

11. Amor Ti Vieta

12. Nessun Dorma - Jonathan Antoine featuring Grant Gershon and The Los Angeles Opera Chorale


Hey everyone, It's me.There are a lot of interesting things happening right now, and it's all quite a lot to keep up with. As the TV special rolls out across the US it is so wonderful to see the positive reaction from so many of you. I hope sincerely that you are as excited to finally start really seeing and hearing everything that I and the team have been working on over the last few years, although much is still to be seen and even more is still to be done. The road is long and carries on for miles; but it is the road I have chosen to walk and with you, my beautiful friends, beside me; the journey is a pleasant one. I love you all

Be kind, ~J.

There is another new addition. After putting out a post requesting big questions, Jonathan has begun work on a series of writings called

“Ask Jonathan” which has been incorporated onto his website.

Many write and have questions for Jonathan both big and small, so he wanted to share his thoughts on various topics and give all of you an insight into the inner mechanisms that make up Jonathan Antoine. If you have a question for Jonathan you can contact him through his social medias and use the #AskJonathan and you too may make it onto the pages of Ask Jonathan.

Trying to express how much Fantoines mean is incredibly difficult. Whether you have been here from the very beginning or are newly discovering Jonathan’s music, how humbling it feels to be building such a special community.

The support and encouragement, especially when delving into outside-the-box ventures, keeps everything inspired and alive.

It is truly a joy to feel the building anticipation as we reveal more and more.

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