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Jonathan Antoine's New Single & Video Premiere of “Io Sì (Seen)”OUT NOW

#1 UK chart-topping Classical tenor, Jonathan Antoine’s version of critically-acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren’s 2021 Academy Award®-nominated and Golden Globe®-winning song, “Io Sì (Seen)” is available across all digital music streaming platforms today!

Knowing that Diane wanted him to sing “Io Sì (Seen) gave Jonathan the impetus to be the best he possibly could when he entered the recording studio on April 1st to record a re-imagining of this brand new classic. He is truly proud of this track - there are harmonies that reach a tenor high C sharp above top C - Jonathan reflected that hearing the result has been wonderfully satisfying! The production by Gregg (Field) is exceptional! What a team!

The music video for “Io Sì (Seen) was filmed at St John’s Church Loughton - Jonathan extends his thanks to the church for allowing the filming to take place. St John’s holds a special place in Jonathan’s heart as he performed here during his youth, twice yearly at concerts held by his former singing teacher Jenny Ewington. He felt the nostalgia was particularly poignant for this beautiful song. The sentiments evoked work so well with the lyrics from the song.

Behind the Scenes photos by@eye_onthe_lens Scarlett Warrick


A Quote from Jonathan Antoine

"Sometimes it feels as though deep emotions can only be conveyed through poetry like this, and returning to the very same church that I used to perform in as a child has elicited such a feeling in me. Life winds and twists, the waters of time are rapid and strange, but when your river opens up and you reach the ocean, taking a look back at that stream that you once believed to be the whole world is profoundly moving.

This song, particularly as a piece of the story of “The Life Ahead”, has moved me to tears on multiple occasions. It speaks to many parts of me, and reminds me of times in my life that I have felt invisible and closed off, and the fact that I am still here today. Thank you for the immeasurable support, and I hope you enjoy the song!”.

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Kath Christensen
Kath Christensen
21 mai 2021

What a day this was!! With #iosi #seen downloaded at midnight and enjoyed multiple times on repeat, we joined with #JonathanAntoine and Fantoines all over the world, to experience the release of the #YouTube #video of this incredible song! I honestly had the BEST time, sitting through the tension of the countdown, giggling with excitement and smiling with anticipation, as the countdown approached zero! It was such a joyous occasion, knowing I was watching with #Fantoine #friends from all over the world - as well as Jonathan, of course! And weren't we all delighted! Blown away by the visual feast of that simple yet stunning #MusicVideo! The setting, the lighting, the videography and the #capes made the video everything! And…

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