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Join Jonathan Nov 26 for a Listening Party of ‘These Are The Special Times’ (Momenti Splendidi)

Jonathan Antoine will be hosting a live listening party on Facebook Thursday, November 26, for an exclusive preview of 'These are the Special Times' (Momenti Splendidi) from his new album, 'ChristmasLand'.

Below is his message about the listening party event;

"The Special Times are the times I share with you... Join me on Thanksgiving (Nov 26) on Facebook at my listening party (9pm GMT/4pm EST/1pm PST/8am AEDT) for ‘These Are The Special Times’ before its release the following day (Nov 27). As we venture forth in this strange new world let us always remember that special times can be had anywhere, so long as we can still reach out to those around us and create them!

I have created an event for the listening party, and here is a link to pre save the single ready for Friday!"

To join Jonathan's listening party on Facebook, please click Here

1 Comment

Amazing Grace is stunningly beautiful and I'm impatient waiting to hear the rest of the album. It will be Christmas indeed. Thank you for all you do for us, J. XOXOX

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