• Jonathan Antoine

Making A Difference

I think there are many angles from which one can attack this question, depending primarily upon what you believe constitutes change.

From the perspective of the individual, each action is affecting change upon the universe, because as individuals our own perspective is all that we can be certain truly exists. In this line of thinking all things which occur within and without the universe are the effect of the individual - Reality appears predetermined but is in fact an illusion developed by the self, so convincing that even being told as much would not convince a person that that could truly be the extent of existence. I do not believe, however, that such an existence would be cause for despair, for when you are the master of your own universe, it is easy to realise the limitless potential of one’s own ingenuity. As megalomaniacal as it may come across, I believe this is my favourite theory. The idea of treating others as you wish to be treated yourself, after all, is only exemplified if the truth of the matter is that all people and all things are one.

Speaking more within the realms of the physical, I believe that it is most often the concept of status quo that people take issue with. All systems are imperfect by nature, there is no way to achieve perfect efficiency in a system in our physical world because energy will always be lost in some form along the way. The single area I believe this to be false is in the structure of humanity, and I believe there are quantifiable ways in which we can examine this phenomenon. Starting simply: When someone makes a youtube video - let’s say it takes them 10 hours to film and edit it and it’s 10 minutes long - and it is watched by a million people. Because of the networks we have created, the total amount of time people have spent watching that video is over 19 years. This is clearly not a direct example of actual energy efficiency, but instead an example of how human made systems can have a comparatively small amount of energy placed into them and exponentially expand. How a single person can impact the lives of many.

At present I believe we are living within structures which are based upon nature itself, as opposed to human nature, and to that end our hierarchical structures are inefficient - in each system of governance we establish there will be those unaccounted for, left behind. As we make our systems steadily more human-like I believe we will move towards those within which we can contain and care for all peoples, everywhere, and I believe it will be the impacts of individuals pulling together who pull us towards that bright and beautiful future.

While a little indirect, I hope this answers the question sufficiently!


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