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Watch the Livestream Recording with Jonathan Antoine Hosting Legends Diane Warren and Gregg Field

On Friday the 7th of May I hosted a very special livestream on my Instagram with two absolute legends in attendance: Diane Warren, the writer of the original version of my new single "Io Si (Seen)", and Gregg Field, the producer of an innumerable amount of Grammy winning records. Minor Technical Difficulties, laughs, and some deep thoughts ahead; be prepared!

To listen to “Io Sì (Seen), see the options below;

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Kath Christensen
Kath Christensen
May 21, 2021

There was something SO special about "being there" when Jonathan met his idol, musical creator and inspirational mentor #DianeWarren for the first time "face to face" on video, with us all watching! He handled his excitement very well, even with the little technical glitches, which just made him laugh! When #GreggField finally came into view, he also "lit up the party," so to speak, with some wonderful unofficial reveals, and stories about musical geniuses being impressed with Jonathan's #NessunDorma! What made me happiest, was both Diane's and Gregg's confidence that #JonathanAntoine is exceptional, and is going places for sure! I loved this entire experience. thanks again, Jonathan, for making everything so special! XO

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