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Second Track From Jonathan Antoine's ChristmasLand Released.

'These are the Special Times (Momenti Splendidi)' is out now and available HERE

Jonathan wrote the following about this stunning new release from 'ChristmasLand' to share with you.

"I have fallen deeply in love with this song, and found particular meaning in its lyrical content that makes me feel as though it could have been written just for me. I am so grateful to Diane Warren for letting me sing this beautiful song. I truly do believe that my most remarkable of moments, my special times, have been shared with each of you and for that I am grateful to each of you.

Wherever in the world we may be, we are inexorably linked by the similarities of the human spirit. We can have completely different lives and yet experience remarkable similar emotions. When we hug it may at some basic level just be fairly similar atoms of a somewhat homogeneous species getting really close together, but each of those varied human experiences brings meaning into that contact. Don’t forget, the meaning of life is you."

The entire 'ChristmasLand' album (release date December 4) is available to pre save and pre order HERE

Please enjoy these behind the scenes images and video teaser of what's to come.

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Kath Christensen
Kath Christensen
29 nov 2020

These photos and video clip are the biggest tease you have ever given us Jonathan! This song is so completely special, that of course we are bursting with excitement to see what artistry has been created to accompany this absolutely incredible soundtrack! When you asked us to accompany you on a journey to #ChristmasLand, we all expected magic, but I'm sure none of us expected it would be quite as special and wonderful as it is proving to be! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! XO

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