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Jonathan Antoine: ChristmasLand Livestream at Union Chapel- Tickets on Sale Now

Jonathan Antoine has announced a very special virtual Christmas concert, filmed at Union Chapel in London and streaming via On Location Live on 18th December.

Virtual concert tickets available here from On Location Live.

VIP tickets also available including Live Q&A and Meet & Greet.

Speaking about the concert, Jonathan commented “A new era in performance is surely upon us. With the advent of the internet, we have had a robust tool with which to share our experiences for many years now. If one must look for silver linings in the madness which we find ourselves in, one of them may be how well we have adopted technologies which allow our social connections to prosper. Since the beginning of this pandemic, the majority of my thinking has been devoted to how exactly I can continue to deliver the concert experiences that you are accustomed to - how to try and make things feel ‘normal’ for a little while. On December 18th I will make that sincere attempt. Join me for the most festive of evenings, celebrating our connections and moving forward in honour of those we love. Let’s go somewhere wonderful together.”

The concert will feature the first ever live performance of Jonathan’s brand-new single These Are The Special Times (Momenti Splendidi), which is out now. Originally recorded by Celine Dion in 1998, the track was rewritten by legendary American songwriter Diane Warren, and features a remarkable new Italian lyric by Grammy Nominated multi-talent Marco Marinangeli.

“When Diane sent over the demo for These are the Special Times it was decided that it’d be on the album right then and there. The message that joy is found in other people, regardless of where you may be or how far away you are, is particularly relevant this year. Reach out to those you love, and those around you, and hold on tightly to those special”.



Listen Here / Pre-order here

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